Journal Encounter Media

Hi, I’m trying to extract the boss image of the Journal Encounters.

So far what I can extract is the encounter creature/s image like this one (taking Shriekwing from Castle Nathria as an example)

But as you can see, this image is not like the journal, this is the complete creature display.

Look into wowhead I realize that should be some way, cause in this page:

You can see the bosses journal images. Inspecting the elements I found that Journal image

But this is from, which is as the link said:

This is the domain used to deliver static content for wowhead and related sites.

So my question is, there is any endpoint in BlizzardAPI to reach this image, so I can avoid multiple API interactions avoiding zamimg?

Many thanks! ^^

Wowhead uses other means to fetch all their data not just the API. All available endpoints for the API are listed in the official API docs. If you can’t find something using the media endpoints it means it is not provided by the API.

Unless you have an explicit authorization from wowhead you can’t just use their servers to provide resources to your app. Those are static files served by a CDN and not an API.
As far as I know the services provided by wowhead are their search box and tooltips.

Thanks for your time @Schiller!

One last question: “Other means” refers to scratch the wow game directory to reach those pictures? Or there are other means that I’m not aware? :frowning:

Most of their data comes form their addon and client.

I don’t know if they use it but, datamining game files is also a popular way of gathering data not present in the API.

Media can be acquired by using a console command on the game client to export all addons and their related images. This might help you:

Got it, so no API, only persistent files from the client, thanks again Schiller! ^^