It's time! Linux Desktop App Please


I don’ think there will ever be a better time to gain some respect in the community. I’m simply asking for you to go the Steam route and give me some additional choice. The Blizzard app works near flawlessly in from Lutris with DXVK. I play WoW, and I don’t see any difference in FPS, and actually, AH scans, load times, and some other cursory things showbetter performance than on Windows on average.

I think it’s worth considering giving the player community choice, now more than ever. While I could just be satisfied with Lutris and play the games as the desire comes up is fine, the native experience is simply the icing. I want a menu bar icon and I want to start with the OS without having to launch Lutris and dropping the Windows taskbar icon into WINE. ’

I’m not asking for a huge overhaul here, the games running with DXVK in the background is fine with me, I just want them to launch natively without having so many steps of launching Lutris and then the Blizzard App before I can manage my game.