It's a Quilboar meta

To start I think it is awesome Blizzard has introduced something new to Battlegrounds, the mode in Hearthstone is fun but did get a bit boring at times.

So, with all the pleasantries out of the way I am having 0 fun in this new meta. Maybe I’m alone, but every game I’ve ran up has had quilboars in the deck. It seems like a race to tavern 5/6, which is fine since that’s what anyone wants to really do for any decent scaling. But, before I make my point I have to put out that dragons were the best class, level to 6 and get Kalecgos was a GG in my lower ladders. Now it is even worse, the Agamaggan and Charlga tier 5/6 combo is pretty much a GG. The passive scaling at 14/14 or even 21/21 with doubles of either mentioned card is a bit much.

Blood Gems are a decent idea, basically bananas but at your on will. However with a double Agamaggan and/or Charlga you’re getting way too many passive stats without having to play any gold. I’ll continue to watch top tier BG players and understand the meta, but right now it just seems extremely overpowered.

Why is this post in the API discussion area?

My bad, can you link where I should’ve posted it instead? Navigating the HS forum is pretty terrible haha.

This is not the Hearthstone forum, this is Blizzard forums.

I think this is the one you are looking for:


Oops thanks! I appreciate it.