It's a busy day for Battlenet! A queue for games I bought?

I have been waiting for well over 30 minutes to even launch the Battlenet app on PC! This is absolutely unacceptable! The thousands of dollars I have spent on game purchases, subscription fees and so much more over the years and I can’t play the game I want or any game when I want to play them!? I demand a refund for every Blizzard game I have ever bought. I’m not going to let this go! Class action lawsuit is the answer!

It’s certainly not acceptable to give an ETA of 1 minute and be waiting with no progress indication whatsoever. Ive also been waiting on this screen and it says estimated wait 1 minute but i waited 30… … 1minute huh? Whats worse is the KB article says to not close the screen and wait in queue. After 30 mins i closed it because i got fed up and guess what, straight in! Looks more like a technical issue not a busy day to me!! Another reason they should be displaying a que or progress indicator.