Item Search API not using LOCALE

I’ve noticed that in all other APIs when passed the locale, I’ll get a smaller return with strings for the locale I’ve indicated.

However when using the Item Search GET API (/data/wow/search/item)
it is not abiding by the LOCALE parameter and returning a larger package containing all the spellings of

  • name

Am I doing something wrong or was this an oversight by Blizzard ?


    "page": 1,
    "pageSize": 1,
    "maxPageSize": 1,
    "pageCount": 1000,
    "resultCountCapped": true,
    "results": [
            "key": {
                "href": ""
            "data": {
                "level": 1,
                "required_level": 1,
                "sell_price": 1,
                "item_subclass": {
                    "name": {
                        "it_IT": "Cibo e bevande",
                        "ru_RU": "Еда и напитки",
                        "en_GB": "Food & Drink",
                        "zh_TW": "食物和飲料",
                        "ko_KR": "음식과 음료",
                        "en_US": "Food & Drink",
                        "es_MX": "Comida y bebida",
                        "pt_BR": "Comida e Bebida",
                        "es_ES": "Comida y bebida",
                        "zh_CN": "食物和饮水",
                        "fr_FR": "Nourriture et boissons",
                        "de_DE": "Speis & Trank"
                    "id": 5
                "is_equippable": false,
                "purchase_quantity": 5,
                "media": {
                    "id": 117
                "item_class": {
                    "name": {
                        "it_IT": "Consumabili",
                        "ru_RU": "Расходуемые",
                        "en_GB": "Consumable",
                        "zh_TW": "消耗品",
                        "ko_KR": "소비용품",
                        "en_US": "Consumable",
                        "es_MX": "Consumible",
                        "pt_BR": "Consumível",
                        "es_ES": "Consumible",
                        "zh_CN": "消耗品",
                        "fr_FR": "Consommable",
                        "de_DE": "Verbrauchbares"
                    "id": 0
                "quality": {
                    "name": {
                        "it_IT": "Comune",
                        "ru_RU": "Обычное",
                        "en_GB": "Common",
                        "zh_TW": "普通",
                        "ko_KR": "일반",
                        "en_US": "Common",
                        "es_MX": "Común",
                        "pt_BR": "Comum",
                        "es_ES": "Común",
                        "zh_CN": "普通",
                        "fr_FR": "Commun",
                        "de_DE": "Gewöhnlich"
                    "type": "COMMON"
                "max_count": 0,
                "is_stackable": true,
                "name": {
                    "it_IT": "Carne Essiccata Indurita",
                    "ru_RU": "Жесткая солонина",
                    "en_GB": "Tough Jerky",
                    "zh_TW": "硬肉乾",
                    "ko_KR": "질긴 육포",
                    "en_US": "Tough Jerky",
                    "es_MX": "Cecina dura",
                    "pt_BR": "Carne-seca Dura",
                    "es_ES": "Cecina dura",
                    "zh_CN": "硬肉干",
                    "fr_FR": "Viande séchée coriace",
                    "de_DE": "Zähes Stockfleisch"
                "purchase_price": 25,
                "id": 117,
                "inventory_type": {
                    "name": {
                        "it_IT": "Non equipaggiabile",
                        "ru_RU": "Неэкипируемое",
                        "en_GB": "Non-equippable",
                        "zh_TW": "無法裝備",
                        "ko_KR": "착용 불가",
                        "en_US": "Non-equippable",
                        "es_MX": "No equipable",
                        "pt_BR": "Não equipável",
                        "es_ES": "No se puede equipar",
                        "zh_CN": "无法装备",
                        "fr_FR": "Objet hors équipement",
                        "de_DE": "Nicht anlegbar"
                    "type": "NON_EQUIP"

I’ve returned only one result for brevity

I don’t think they support locale, I tried before and the param is just ignored.

That’s what I’m seeing too. Do you know if Blizz intends on changing that?

Only a blue can answer that, but I doubt. Those endpoints were release quite a while ago and were never changed.

Hi Grim, this is a known issue unfortunately. There is nothing you can do presently to ensure the search results respect locale.

I know this has been surfaced in the past, but I will bring this up again as I know it produces an inconsistent developer experience and is a pain if you are reducing objects by locale in your projects.

Apologies for the inconvenience. :frowning:

Seems this issue is still occurring in search endpoints