It wants me to buy game again

I went to log in and it said my password was wrong so i reset it and when i logged in it wanted me to buy cold war and modern warfare again and i lost all my friends its like my account was reset


Sounds like you logged in with the wrong account.

Hey there Risible,

In cases like you describe, we often see the account was compromised and the email changed. Please contact us with a ticket specifically for a compromised account. In it you’ll want to include:

  • Email(s) used. If it’s the same as what you’re contacting with, please state that.
  • Order ID’s or CD keys claimed to the account (if you have them)
  • We also need to verify the original owner is contacting us. We do that through a picture or scan of government issued ID.
  • Lastly the email of the compromised account may need to be updated. We’ll need one that is not already in use by a account, which also means we can’t use the email you’re using to create this forum post with. Creating a new email may be needed for this step if you don’t have a spare already.

Once we get all that we should be able to track down the account your games are on, get things updated, and send a password reset to the email provided so you can get back to playing.

I only have one email

Then it’s probably best to follow the advice the staff provided above.

Nicole you’re no help this just happened to me i literally have screemshots of my purchase and my last battle tag with the numbers and everything i just cant get my account back lawsuit is in the way because this is happening to too many people

I don’t work for Blizzard, so I have no idea why you’re delivering a warning about a lawsuit to me. Follow the instructions the staff provided to recover or find out what happened with the account. Account management is never handled on the forum due to privacy reasons, so adding unfriendly comments here won’t help resolve anything.