Issues with refunding diablo 1

purchased diablo 1 in an attempt to relive a bit of my childhood just to realize blizzard lazily released this game without fixing ANY issues. less then 5 minutes played and am trying to get a refund but an error keeps occurring not allowing me to refund. A ticket is auto submitted and “resolved” and i am unable to speak with anybody from support.

Hey loud94,

If the automatic refund system is rejecting your request, there is a link at the bottom of the rejection page that allows you to submit a manual refund request.

I haven’t seen it in a while, but I believe it says “I still need help”.

any world on why the refund service is failing atm?

The automated system is just that: automated. It goes by a set criteria. Pass or fail.

But not every situation fits into a set criteria, so a manual option is offered for when it does so that a human can review it.

I have been having the same issue. I am only getting canned responses from Blizzard GMs. If this isn’t fixed soon, I will need to cancel the purchase via my bank. I would love it if a real GM would respond (not necessarily to this post, but my ticket) (edit)

yes, there is such a button sayin “I need more help”
After you click it it asks you to check related articles from Diablo IV.
At the bottom there is “Still Need Help?” and big button CONTACT US
ok lets press it
And there is error page telling us Something went wrong…"


That’s not what I’m seeing. What path specifically are you using?

When I go through the generic refund path, after the automated rejection, and click “I need more help”, it goes right to the manual refund page:

When I go through the Bliz Classics path, it skips the automated step and goes right to the manual refund page:

i gave up on refund, it’s only $10 and i gifted a copy too. i own almost everything blizzard for the past 20 years and $10 is nothing…

i tried the method you show above. it sometimes forced Diable 4 refund and was accepted but i didn’t use an order number for my D4… so i canceled them.

then i did manage to get the plain refund prompts like you have above, added the order number, but it failed and said unable to process… i assumed it was due to the fact that Diablo I was not in the system yet for support or at least not complete…

this release of Diablo I seemed like a Early Access moment. i usually return products that don’t work on steam without issue and then wait to see how the company improves it.

thanks for the response.

Bummer that it isn’t working out.

If you want to play D1 and don’t mind another $10, GoG sells it. It’s currently way more stable and user friendly. To play on Bnet, there’s just one network setting to make.
(I tested it today and everything worked perfectly after the network was setup.)

Some nice extras in the GoG version are:

  • No mandatory in-game update on the first run, which fails for no apparent reason for some people.
  • Diablo (classic) - Exactly like the old game - This one does play on Bnet. (This is where the network config is needed, but it’s one and done.)
  • Diablo (enhanced version) - Not included in Bliz’s version. This one does NOT play on Bnet.
  • Unified launcher were you can select all three games in one window. Not included in Bliz’s version.

All that for the same price that Bliz is charging. The only catch is that you can’t launch it from Bliz’s launcher. You can either download GoG’s launcher called “Galaxy”, or just launch it directly from the .exe.

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Update: A GM did contact me and assisted with the help I needed for my issues. I thank that Blizzard GM for helping me. It was very appreciated.

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I have the same issue, the refund page won’t work. I have opened a ticket, and I’m waiting for their response.

They need to refund me, I couldn’t even play the game due to so many errors trying to connect, it isn’t a game, it is a scam, a bad joke.

You’re sorely mistaken, Texer. I’ve responded to your misconceptions in the thread you made.

And the post right above you is by one who successfully refunded.