Issues with Authorization Code Flow

So i’ve been implementing a “Sync your characters” feature, where you can login with your bnet account and i’ll confirm your characters for my application.

The issue im running into is the following:

After a user has logged into the website and given me permissions, i am granted an Authorization Code which i can exchange for an access token, which i can then in turn use to access the OAuth endpoints and get the data i need.

However, after i get an access token, i cant seem to get a proper response from Blizzards services.

  • For https://{region}{token} im getting a slight delay and then a 504 response

  • For https://{region}{token} im straight up getting a 500 Internal Server Error

The link i give to the user to log in:

I tried looking around for a status update indicating that these endpoints are down but i couldnt find anything.
Also, i’ve noticed that on wowprogress[.]com you also cant sync your characters right now, and the website says they’re getting an error from