Issue with WoW API : spell icon

Hello everyone, i’m starting to use a little bit the API of World of Warcraft, but i encountered some difficulties to get the icons of mounts spells. How can i get those for a specific mount ? Or is that even possible ? ^^
Thanks for your help i really needed it :smile:

It would be included in the Creature Display Media related to the mount. However, it doesn’t look like icon is included currently, so it would be a feature ask for that item to be added to the media document.
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
  "assets": [
      "key": "zoom",
      "value": ""
  "id": 15676

Hello, i know this feature, it’s too bad that icons are not available. But thanks for your reply. I hope that this addition will be made one day

This might help a little:⚡/118512c430c24af8

It is a list of mount items but not all mount icons are the same of their items.
Also not all mounts have a related item as you might learn them by an achievement or quest.