Issue logging in. (Code 34203)

This has happened twice this morning after queueing trying to start the D4 game.

im getting this same error for 3 hours now. any progression for you ?

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same in eu, streames got priority ;_;

seems kinda odd. every friend of mine seems no problem to log in. do we have a pc problem, what you think ? btw i played beta yesterday for 5 hrs straight, without any problems

At what point do you experience your login issue? I cannot currently log into the app. It always tells me it could not verify my credentials. Loggin in on the website works without issue though.

Same here (EU), tried and failed to login 3 times so far. Yesterday it was 2 hour queues. This appears to be today’s annoyance.

Been having this issue for several hours now. I was playing fine but then got logged off at the boss of a dungeon and now I get this error everytime I try to log in the game, no queue, just this error, so frustrating. Playing from Latin America