Is there anyway to see how long is left in download times?

4 years years ive been forced to use this god awful launcher and 4 years later there still isn’t a single thing that gives me an estimate on download speed

if youre gonna force this launcher to update every 30 seconds, at least actually do something for the betterment of it you broads

Depending on which launcher version you use, there is a download speed indicator right on the app, Schaipgoat.

In the beta:

In the retail version:

i guess i should’ve worded better, i meant to say how 4 years after first downloading this service it doesn’t tell me how long is left in my download, not the speed of it. the fact this still hasn’t been incorporated in anyway when every other service has it in some form or another is idiotic and goes to show why no one likes this launcher

Omg I can not believe this launcher still doesn’t show how much time you need to wait for your game download to complete. shame is the single worst piece of trash Ive had to use in all my years of gaming. Makes playing COD or any blizzard game not worth the time. Move it all to steam, and leave us alone

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Blizzard continues to fail in its UX design. no estimated time of completion? Thanks for thinking of your audience. fail.

Although the speed is important, you are selling your audience short without an already calculated estimated time remaining. Yeah, we can calculate this ourselves, but this just shows how much blizzard and their tech team really cares about their users. I would be embarrassed if I designed this.