Is there an API Reference for responses?

I’m looking for an API reference for the every possible field in endpoint responses so I can sync them to my database accordingly without missing anything. Anyone know where I can find one?

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There aren’t any schema provided by Blizzard in the documentation, someone might have them but unless they see this post and are willing to share it with you, you’ll have to do it manually by querying all endpoints yourself.

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And by “querying all endpoints” he really means all possible records for each endpoint, because no one record is guaranteed to contain every possible field (at least for some of the endpoints.)

What I do is, for each request I care about, I pre-declare in my parser all the fields I know about, and I have my parser log each time it sees a new field that wasn’t in the declared list.

This approach is also handy for when there are unannounced changes.