Is it possible to Revert your Battle tag?

I am just curious if I can just revert my Battle tag as I used this one as a joke and now its been a few years and would just prefer to go back to what it was. I know the hash tag and numbers allow it so that we can share the same letters however I am just curious if it can just be reverted. I do not wish to get the free change as it has been about 3 years and I did change it and now it is just personal preference. Used to work for PlayStation and we can Revert the Online ID back so I was wondering if Blizzard had the same set up here or if I have to pay for the same name but a different hash tag at the end of it. Thanks for the help!

I am sorry LiteralTrash but there is no “revert” capability for Battletags.

Your options are to use the one Free change or buy a second change in the shop.

i’ve had my name reverted upon request a few years back. it just depends on the circumstances and how many times you are asking.