Is it possible to get item stats from the API for Classic WoW?

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to get an item’s stats/tooltip information through the classic WoW item API for a web app I want to build? I’ve been through all the Item endpoints and they don’t offer that information.

It is not possible for classic and soon it will be impossible for retail too.

Currently it is partially possible to get some info (extra attributes, sockets, context creation info, etc ) by using the bonus list IDs in the old community API.

As soon as those endpoints are discontinued on March 16 due to the API migration it will not be possible anymore, unless something change.

It was reported they are discussing this issue internally and will let us know if anything changes.

I created this tool to track some of the changes we are facing with the migration and you can see a lot of information are missing at the moment.

Ah ok, that’s unfortunate. So I assume sites like Wowhead have their own database of items that have stats and tooltip information included then? That’s how they get around it?