Is it possible to get Guild Members Online Status

As described in title. I am looking for a way currently to figure out if any other members of my guild are online through the api. So far from investigating documentation I can get those that are in the guild through the guild roster endpoint. I can then use the Character Profile Summary endpoint to get the timestamp of when they last logged in (does not require oauth for that characters account), but all this tells me is how recently they last logged in. It does not answer the question of whether they are currently logged in or not. This could maybe be used for a system in which I can show when everyone last went online, but that isn’t as nice as showing who is currently online. One preference I have in trying to solve this problem is that I would prefer not to have to get their account’s approval in an oauth request in order to access “protected” information. When looking I didn’t see any endpoints that have this protection as solving this issue, but I could be wrong. Any help, hints, or just being told that it isn’t possible would be much appreciated.

Actually, that is the time they last logged out, the name of the field is confusing. Character data updates upon logout and that is the timestamp.

The information you are looking for is not available.

Online status is actually a personal information and is attached to the account itself not just the wow character. I’m glad Blizzard doesn’t expose this information or else this could potentially boost unwanted bots, like the ones used in the past to advertise gold sellers.