Is it possible to find someone who is alive?

i had asked this in a different post but it seems it was removed so ill make a new one i cannot post in the wow forums as they banned me for using automation because i played longer than 24 hrs straight…hes gotta be cheating right? no im bipolar and am up for days at a time and rather than jus talk to me to find out im really at keys they banned me and closed my account? what do i have to do to get a live person to even respond and talk to me and not a computer or pregenerated ticket if they would take 5 mins and talk to me they would realize this bad a REAL bad bann and fix it im asking for help here plz i need help or am i to expect that bliz jus violates mental health disability people now? im at my wits end because this is how i drown the world out to keep myself sane and now its been taken unjustly with only a pregenerated response basically telling me tough, even tho i did nothing wrong unless playing for long stretches and spending money on yer store is against the rules? plz help ty for reading

You do not. Blizzard does not engage in live back and forth arguments over account penalties. They do have real people reviewing the appeals, but what you get is a template response, a form letter. They don’t type that again every time.

They will not take anything from you as “evidence” and will not debate with you. Nor does any personal information on your side matter. They go simply by the data logs and cheat detection software.

I am sorry to hear you are struggling, but everyone is expected to follow the game rules and not use automation software. There are no laws stating that persons with medical issues are exempt from game rules. Video games do not even fall under the realm of the ADA in the US. They have laws about accessibility for communications that impact games, but nothing else.

I can tell you now, it was not just “playing a long time” that did it. That may flag your account for investigation, but there has to be more than just long play hours. They won’t go into what they are specifically looking for or what software they detect.

Your ONLY means to handle this is via the appeals ticket process.

There are many other awesome games out there you might be interested in if you need a distraction. I personally adore Palia which is an MMO farming/gathering/crafting/questing, sim type game and free on a lot of platforms. No death, no sleep required, no stress at all. Very chill game.

they again said i was using automation when i wasnt but i guess i cant be shocked by yer answer that aims to protect the gms and bad people no real shocker