Is it normal for a ticket to stay open for 2.5~ days?

I made a ticket 2.5~ days ago which is yet to get response and i really need it sorted out soon.
is there a chance my ticket got stuck in the system?
as far as i have seen online people were saying most tickets get a respone in under 24 hours.
(if that matters, the ticket was about overwatch->account->not listed here)

Update: its been a week and i finally got a respone, yet its an automated answer from costumer support and does not even answer my question.
Will it take another week for a GM to actually help?

Normally response times are 24-48 hours for a ticket. Unfortunately right now they are about a week. There have been some activities lately that generated a ton of tickets. WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King Pre-patch, server queues, character transfers, ban waves, returning players needing account help, etc.

That does matter. The category you selected is the “catch all” lowest priority one I think.

What is the issue you have with your account? Someone here might have ideas or might be able to tell you a better category to use when submitting a ticket.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff.

thank you for the response, my issue is that i played overwatch 1 on xbox a few years ago, I sold the xbox since (not the account).
Due to that i cannot login to overwatch to merge my battlenet and overwatch 1 account to carry progress onwards to overwatch 2.
I had almost 1000 hours on overwatch 1 so losing all that progress would suck.

You should not have to log in to OW to link the accounts.

Have you tried the instructions here? Use the top option to link them via your Connections panel here on the website.

I did link the accounts, but unfortunately to merge the data you have to login in game.