Is a patch coming?

Silly me, bought into the D1 nostalgia and paid for a game that literally wont run on a modern system.

Is a fix coming?

From Bliz, not likely. They are offering them as is.

However the community has created fixes for most of the issues.

Community fixes.

Patch #4 is for the graphical/UI instability issues.

Thank you for the information.

I’m getting blocked by Direct X error:
“Not Implemented
at: dx cpp line a83”

Can you get a screenshot of that error?

You can upload it to picture sharing site, then link it here. To get the link to post, use the “preformatted text” on it. That’s the </> symbol in the toolbar.

For example

It’s rather odd too, considering I have a version of retail Diablo 1 from the CD that, when fully patched, only needs a new ddraw.dll file you can easily find to play without graphical issues and the file also enables windowed mode and multi-resolution support. The game works on Windows 11 without needing any modern patching, if any exists that is, which I partly doubt.
The game also works when you double click on the actual exe file directly, you get the problem only when trying to launch it via, which to me says that the launcher is trying to do weird stuff that Diablo 1 wasn’t designed for.

Let me know if I’m allowed to link it and I’ll edit this post with the link to it as my source also includes general compatibility advice/fixes for various blizzard titles, not just D1, however you can find it yourself by googling: Diablo 1 ddraw.dll
and you’ll likely find it. My source is github, I have Avast and it didn’t freak out.

Bit of an aside: People usually only use things like Beelzebub or Devilution to play Diablo 1 as they both have altered UIs that waste less space at higher resolutions as Diablo 1 vanilla does. Beelzebub reimplements and finishes cut content for Diablo 1 and has a stash system (i think), while Devilution is open source, and is the closest replication of Diablo’s engine and mechanics, while having an absurd number of QoL features you can optionally enable. Devilution is working on multiplayer last I checked, and Tchernobog is Beelzebub, but with less quests and a focus on multiplayer, but also very little faith to original mechanics as it seems to aim to be quasi Diablo 2-like.

The DirectX/DirectDraw error when using the Bnet launcher is a known issue that is resolved by launching the game directly from the exe once. After that, the Bnet launcher can be used.

If you are unable to solve it you can try using DevilutionX to run the game.