IP Blacklisted?

I am writing a web application that uses a script to pull data from the battle.net APIs. This script works fine on my local machine, successfully using curl to get an oauth token and then using that token to pull json data from the API.

When I run the script on my VPS web host it successfully gets an oauth token but then all further requests to to the API are denied with a curl Connection refused error.

Is it possible I’ve been unlucky enough to be granted an IP that has been previously blacklisted by Blizzard? My web host is Scala Hosting.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you are able to retrieve an OAuth token then it is unlikely that subsequent requests would be blocked via IP. Are you sure you are passing the Bearer token correctly in your subsequent requests?

Might be worth connecting a terminal to your VPS host via SSH and executing some direct curl commands from the host to ruleout issues with the scripts you are running. You can find some example curl commands in a post here: Wow Profile endpoint 404.

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Thanks for the reply but I solved this problem, for some reason communication to the Bnet API (but not to the authentication server) was being blocked by my web hosts firewall. They have since unblocked it and all is well.