iOs B-Net mobile App not showing any friends & chat history

Hi there,

so since the last update, on IOs, I´ve got the following problem:
Every contact & chat I had on the app isn´t shwoing anymore. It´s like they never existed.
On PC everything is fine. Alle friends/favourites/chats are there.
On mobile EVERYTHING is gone.
The only 2 contacts which are shown on the mobile app are 2 contacs I´ve added AFTER the Update - and these two work just fine.

When the PC-App isnt running, I do get push notifications on my mobile app but as soon as I open the App and try to read it, it isn´t possible to fine a conversation or even a profile for the person who send it.
If I then go back to the overview the “new” message is gone and “lost”. No reading/answering possible.

I´ve uninstalled multiple times now, checked all log in data, even tried to conect to different regions. Nothing helped.