Invalid Phone Number

So I’ve been trying to sms verify with my CRICKET number. First I would like to say I’ve used to number to verify every other sms authentication with no problems. Then comes Blizzard to mess that up. Yes I’ve submitted ticket after ticket after ticket after ticket. Only to get the same copy and paste text every time. Even the cringe “Pulls up sleeve” game master role play that apparently is supposed to make me feel at ease, not to mention the false statement “I put a little magic on it”. They tell me the same thing over and over, “make sure your number was entered correctly”. Which it is. I even dropped it in the ticket submission to show them I was typing it in correctly along with a picture. It’s extremely discouraging to see everyone else having the same problem with CRICKET numbers. Why is it that us cricket users can sms verify every other service but blizzard? Why is it that these users with green color text names take up for blizzard every time when there clearly is a problem with blizzard. How many times do I have to submit a ticket and get the same copy and paste text to actually get help? I can see now why blizzard is going down the drain.