Internet while updating

Everytime I try to update Cod on launcher it stops everything else I have connected to the wifi and the wifi just won’t work. I only use a Ethernet cable for my pc. And ihave tried tons of things to fix it but nothing will work. I even called my internet provider and they said everything seems to be fine so it’s leading me to believe it’s just the launcher doing this especially when I can go to steam for example and update with no problems…help please (note all my drivers are up to date)

Hey KidKohny! Thank you for taking the time to reach out with that information. When your WiFi goes down, regardless of the trigger, it means that something associated with your network hardware crashed. While your Internet Service Provider or the manufacturer of the network device ultimately may need to investigate and resolve the problem, we recommend focusing on things such as:

I hope this helps shed more light on the situation. Let us know if you have any questions going forward!