International Blizzard Gear store


I have been using blizzard gear store for the last 4 years, and when I found out about the international store, I thought that it would be pretty identical to the store I have been previously using.
However, I quickly noticed there is no Wishlist, I use this feature a lot in the old store when I can’t afford something straight away it goes to Wishlist and when I have saved enough for the item and shipping then I go back and buy via the Wishlist. Please bring the Wishlist to the international store!

The other issue I have with the international store is that during blizzcon, I had zero access to the blizzcon 2019 exclusives, which is one of two reasons why I buy the virtual ticket. This is very frustrating for me as a collector, I feel very anxious when I’m denied to be able to complete my display collection. Also why doesn’t international store get the same amount of merchandise that the US store has?

Another issue I came across over the recent blizzcon weekend, when I made two seperate orders, I never received a confirmation email, the old store system gave me this email almost instantly, and I had this thought that the new international store would send out confirmation emails, so I never wrote down the numbers they put on the screen. Now it will be harder for me to check with customer service on the progress or any problems that might come up with these orders.

I would like to know how the international store actually works because where I am standing, it works very differently and it’s causing me to feel very concerned that it’s not a change for the better as a collector who is an international customer.

Thank you.


Agreed. I’m feeling pretty let down by my virtual ticket buy now. No key art t-shirts, no Diablo 4 Lilith shirt. What was the point? Why the sudden change? Do you even care about people outside of the US? I did send in a ticket asking for information a few days ago as well, but no response from customer care. I guess new Blizz just doesn’t give a toss.

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The new store is a complete and utter mess. I’ve also been a big fan and was looking for some blizzcon goodies, but it was a huge let down for me as well. Also, the new store has slow and poor customer service. Just stay away for now and hope blizz get back to their senses someday! Can’t wait for D4 tho, keep up the good work!

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I can only agree to that. The situation still has not changed.

I made a purchase at the beginning of February and was already confused that I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail. In every other online store I ever purchased something you get a confirmation e-mail in less than 2 minutes after completing payment. I don’t agree with having to make an account for every single website, so I happily took the opportunity of completing payment as a guest. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get any information about anything afterwards, now I can’t even check on the processing status. If I had not written down the reference number from my browser window, I wouldn’t even have that.

I was wondering whether I misspelled my e-mail address and wrote an e-mail to customer service asking about it and if they could send me the confirmation e-mail. No response. The only thing I got is the automatic reply promising a response within 24 hours. Also no response from a second e-mail a few days later. Still no confirmation e-mail.

It’s been over a week since my purchase. It’s been a week since my first e-mail. I know nothing except my seemingly completely useless reference number and the fact that I have paid.

The “customer service” is a disaster. Promising a reply within 24 hours but instead doing nothing is a mockery. They leave you out in the rain and keep you in the dark about everything.

I will make sure to stay away from this in the future.

+++ Edit: to conclude my report

I got an answer more than a week later. It said that my payment hadn’t been processed yet.

I waited for one month for anything to happen - delivery or confirmation. I got nothing.

So I wrote again that I want to cancel my order and asked for a full refund. This time no automatic response mail, I guess they turned it off, because it was so ridiculous. Two days later I got a response that they have forwarded my request and one day later the money was on my bank account, including the shipping amount. At least they were quick with this one.

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Hey all, I thought I’d share my experiences with the current abysmal Blizzard gear store, which is run by “Fanatics” or “Kitbag”, depending where emails come from.

So back in November last year I decided to order a Tracer statue as it was on a good special. It was way ahead of Christmas as it was early on in the month. 20 days pass and no parcel. The dispatch email said it would take 6-12 working days to arrive. So I email them asking where the parcel is. “Please wait up to 30 days and then get back to us.”
So I wait. And wait some more… nothing. So I email them and tell them the order never arrived. Some 2 weeks after they’ve looked into it they tell me they’ll re-send the statue. This time with a tracking number. Why not offer this in the first place? It FINALLY arrived mid-January 2020. So almost 2 months waiting.

Second time around was only recently. Like 2 weeks ago. Got some figurines and a razer Overwatch mouse. It arrived very quickly within a week or so. I thought wow what a difference. So I open the package and the figurines were all good, but then I see the box the mouse comes in. Squashed and with dented corners. I was like “are you kidding me?” So I open it anyway and it seemed intact so I let it go as it’s just a box… but NOPE. There’s something broken and rattling inside the mouse. Great! So I email them and tell them about it. I’m currently waiting for a reply after they took “24hrs” to reply to my initial email - and by 24 I mean 3 days.

Seriously Blizzard, grab the helm on the store again and run it yourselves. This new company that’s running it is just giving you an extremely bad name. Terrible customer service. Terrible postage. Terrible selection of merch. Terrible, full stop!
I loved purchasing from the old blizzard store. It was super quick and easy and they even had that blizzard touch with their postage boxes - it had a blizzard design outside. The new company just sends your stuff in a brown box. Woot!


I didn’t see this thread orginally, so i wrote a new one about gearstore… I have reported them for breach of contract and written them an email to inform them that they are in breach of contract.
I too have failed to have email responses from them within the stated 24hrs. Plus when I gave up waiting and called them the person I spoke to stated she’d been dealing complaints all day in response to me saying that she sounded like she’d lost the will to live.
At point of purchase the returns policy states easy returns, no mention of incurring extra costs. Only when you go to return an item do you find that they don’t do exchanges. You have to pay postage to return the item they recommend to pay the higher fee to get it tracked and if you want a different size then you have to rebuy the new size and incur shipping fees. All of which is made clear in a detailed returns policy that you only see when you are trying to return items.
As non of this is stated at point of purchase they are in breach and therefore can be referred to Trading Standards.
I personally won’t be ordering from them again and I would warn anyone else from buying from them. Extremely shoddy company with lacklustre customer service!

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Wassup, for me it is even worst… I still didn’t get a tracer figure, and they told me,that they send it again in February… we’re in a June almost and nothing here… So finally they decide to refund me…that don’t help so much… coz they’ve increased regular prices for 30%-50% for EMEA and now Tracer costs 280 usd… or 230 on “discount” (I’ve ordered for it at December for 120 usd) I think Blizzard dont care about… because before it moved to Fanatics everything was perfect… They want only money now…and 0 support…