Installing Classic Games

If I bought Warcraft 3 more than a decade ago under this same account, do I still need to Pre-order Warcraft 3 reforged to play a game that I bought? The same question goes with Diablo 2.

I seriously hope I do not have to pre-order or repurchase games that I bought. I am financially struggling out here in CA as a university student :frowning:.


Better not who tf does that.

I feel you man but from what I gather, Warcraft 3 classic isn’t playable anymore. I tried reinstalling from the classic games page Warcraft 3 downloader only for my client launching and starting a 29.5G download … Pretty sure we’ve just been forced into buying Reforged …

Im with you Toy. I was holding out for Reforge until I had the funds to build a new PC after grad.