Insanely long matchmaking in Cold War

So this is the first CoD game I’ve touched since Black Ops 2. I bought the game last week and played the campaign. Fast forward now, I boot up multiplayer for the first time and I couldn’t find a single game!

I tried all modes, first starting with Nuketown 24/7 thinking I would get fast queue times considering that is a fan favorite map but was met with an infinite queue instead. Only 1 player managed to join my lobby and the rest of the time we were both waiting so I gave up. I then tried the Quick play option and to no surprise it was once again the same result.

What gives? I’m only level 1 so I expected instantaneous matchmaking times. Furthermore, my NAT type is open, I have crossplay enabled and my network is good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Also, this is my first time on the forums so forgive me if I happen to be in the wrong section/category. :slight_smile:

wrong forum. this is the blizzard classic games tech support forum, not the activision forum.