Insane regional prices in Georgia


I know this has been talked about over and over but Blizzard needs to address this issue. Regional prices in Georgia (the country obviously) are over the top. It’s not even funny how expensive games are on the Blizzard store.

To put it into a perspective, the average salary in Georgia is 1200 GEL (around 400-500 USD). Base editions of the games on store cost 200 GEL. That’s like 15% of the monthly salary of an average earner. ONLY people who can afford to pay for these games are wealthy people, I can’t emphasize enough how heart-shattering it is that our friend group saw diablo 4 pricing, knowing that we’d never play it due to the price. Compared to the USA where the average salary is literally 10x ours, yet due to conversion, games are MORE expensive for us!

It’s not like Blizzard hasn’t done regional pricing correctly, for example, Turkey is leaps and bounds cheaper than Georgia even tho average salaries in both countries are about the same. Now I understand that Turkey is a big country and it’s a market Blizzard wants to keep happy, but please, don’t just ignore us Georgian simply because we’re a small nation. Steam does it mostly well when it comes to regional pricing, Blizzard really doesn’t care. I urge you to find the courage and deliver this message to upper management who has a say in this topic.

We love Blizzard games, we’d love to play them at a reasonable price.


I’m living in Georgia and my salary is 800 Gel per month, Diablo’s standard edition is worth 200 GEL. I want to play it soo much but how can I afford to buy it? Please Blizzard do something, We love your games


same to argentina…madnesssss


200 GEL is $80 for the standard edition of the game. In what universe is this acceptable?

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At least make it the same price as in the US. It’s currently costs more in Georgia than anywhere lol.