Info on Mythic+ API

Hi, using the WoW API for the first time and I have a question regarding Mythic+ Affixes.

  1. Is there a method to see what affixes are currently active? I looked through the API for mythic keystone affixes and it only seems to show relevant data to the individual affix itself (e.g., name/desc).

  2. What exactly is a Mythic Keystone Period? I can’t find anything detailing exactly what a “period” is in this case. All the data returns is a timestamp, which by my calculation lasts about a week.

So after some quick looks through the documentation I can answer some of your questions. So there is the Mythic Keystone Seasons and each season has periods. Those periods are each 1 week long and you can get which periods are in which season (latest season is current) by the Mythic Keystone Season endpoint. You can then given the period ids that are for the season look them up on the mythic keystone period endpoint to get when the start and end time for each period. You will then from that information have to figure out what period for the given season is current. That shouldn’t be too hard logically. The part I am still trying to find the answer to is the connection between the period and which affixes are associated with that period.