Increase friendlist size


Please, I’ve been asking for this for a long time now.

As someone who plays a lot of blizzard games, the size of 200 is not that big. Either separate the friendlist by game or increase it.
For example, I like to add people I play against in hearthstone so I can have friends online to complete my quests that require friends. I also like having friends in the games I play and try to play with them.

Then in WoW, I have a lot of people in my guild on my friendslist.

I also have people on my friendslist from m+ and arena communities so I can easily form groups when I want to do those activities.

I also play diablo and have people in my diablo communities on my friendslist.

Then there are also my real-life friends and people I don’t really want to remove from my friendslist.

200 is not enough for all of the blizzard games that exist. Please.


They don’t care about this. This request has been there for years.


I know they don’t care which is why I’m trying to get them to care.


I have literally been asking for this since the beginning of BNet. I am a guild master and I am also very active in multiple gaming communities for both WoW and OW. If Blizzard wants to make their games more social why put a cap on the friends list? Seems counter-intuitive to me.


Yeah, I’ve been having to prune people routinely, and removing people always feels bad. You’re constantly forced to choose who brings the most value to your gameplay/who you like the most, which is honestly pretty toxic.

I understand the data storage requirements would increase, but SO many people have been asking for this for years :frowning: I really hope they get the message this time, esp because so many people are coming back from Hiatus for Classic.