Incorrect information on Mythic Keystone Profile API

I’ve been exploring the Mythic Keystone API and have run into a somewhat mysterious issue.

When I point my client at /profile/wow/character/dalaran/svergun/mythic-keystone-profile/season/6, I’m supposed to get my character’s best runs at each dungeon during Fortified and Tyrannical weeks.

But when I look at Spires of Ascension, the Tyrannical rating is listed as 0, which is factually wrong. Looking at the ratings in Raider-IO, my best run at that affix is properly listed as a +15, not timed, 126.4 run.

When I look at it with the in-game interface, that same run is listed for SoA.

Why is the API not showing it?

While the endpoint was updated to include the rating attributes, they didn’t change it over from showing best timed and untimed run per-dungeon, as was used pre-season 6.

For now, I’ve just been using Raider IO’s API for that data.

There’s been a couple threads on this bit of the API not keeping up with needed elements in the past, but no adjustments as of yet. No idea if this is going to change with 9.2, as they don’t usually indicate a change to something like this beforehand.

Bumping this in the hope that it eventually gets changed. The current API output is largely useless with the way scoring works, and RaiderIO’s public API only gives information on the current season. Please update this API (or add a new one since scoring changed) to include best fortified and best tyrannical.

I’m still surprised this has been untouched this long. It makes it impossible to accurately report on a character’s M+ progress. This also impacts how the WoW Armory itself reports, since it only reports on the un/timed status of a dungeon.

If a player times all their runs, only one entry for that dungeon will ever be reported in the API results. This was fine for a world where timed was all that mattered, but with the advent of the M+ rating system, the affix split on Fort/Tyr is the only thing that matters. For example, a player completes a timed +16 Fortified. The next week they time a +15 Tyrannical for the same dungeon. The API will only include the +16 Fortified in the output. While it will still report the real map_rating for the dungeon overall, having to go back and calculate what a missing score was seems like a lot of work to complete the details of what the backend already knows.

This API endpoint is still functionally useless, can we please get some love for it?