Incorrect description of Spring Pet Package that was on sale

I was looking at the Spring Pet Package which was offered for $34.99 and had seventeen pets included. The description on the sale stated that, if the player already owned any of the included pets, that a price adjustment would be applied. Based on this description I purchased the package as I already had seven of the pets. Now I have been told that no adjustment will be applied and there is nothing customer support staff can do to address the issue. Major suggestion to Blizzard: make sure what you describe on your website is what you are going to sell and honor.

Did anyone else purchase the Spring Pet Package and come across the same issue?

The way that usually works is that the price shown, is the price after the shop determines what is on your Battlenet account already and then discounts those items.

MVPs are other players so I can’t see your account or anything, but what you describe is a bit unusual.

The full price for the Spring Pet Package was $10 each for 17 pets = $170 USD:

  • Alterac Brew-Pup
  • Anima Wyrmling
  • Argi
  • Blinky
  • Blossoming Ancient
  • Brightpaw
  • Cinder Kitten
  • Daisy
  • Dread Hatchling
  • Lil’Ragnaros
  • Lil’ Ursoc
  • Lucky Quilen Cub
  • Shadow
  • Soul of the Aspects
  • Twilight
  • Whomper
  • Murkastrasza

The promotion said up to 65% off of $170 with previously acquired pets factored in.

So, 65% of $170 = 110.50 off. Making the price $59.50 if you needed all 17. You had 7. So you paid $34.99 instead.

I am not sure exactly how they calculate the discount, but it looks like the $34.99 you paid is a lot less than the full price of $170, or the 65% off price of $59.50. It did calculate several of your already owned pets into the price. Also keep in mind depending on where you live there are taxes and fees your Govt mandates.

I am not sure Customer Support could have shared any more than that with you. There was no further discount to give, that I can see.

This assumes I did the math right. Math is not my strong point so I could be wrong. I think I am at least close enough though for this.

A bit late to the party :slight_smile:

Price for 17 pets = $59.50
Price per pets = $59.50 / 17 = $3.50
Price for 10 pets (17 available - 7 already have) = 10 x 3.50 = $35.00

Marketing gimmick… never charge a full $ price… reduce by 1 penny to make it $34.99


In this case they really did reduce the price though. The full price of each pet is $10.00 USD

Your double check of the math does seem to indicate the OP was charged the correct discounted rate for the ones they did not have.

Also, I always appreciate any math double checks!

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