Include account avatar in Oauth - User Info endpoint?

Would it be possible to include a URL to the account avatar set through the app in the Oauth - User Info endpoint? It would be nice since I could use the same avatar when a user signs into my app then, currently, I just can pull the avatars they’ve set for various characters.

Referring to the User Info endpoint here:


Hi x3sphere,

Thank you for providing this feedback/feature request!

Unfortunately the APIs where the avatar data at the Battlenet account level exist are not currently exposed via the Blizzard Developer Portal, so we are unable to satisfy this request at this time. However, we can document this request for future consideration.

For clarification, are you most interested in the avatar that the user has configured in the Battlenet desktop application, or are you more interested in a “pinned/preffered” WoW character avatar (i.e. the avatar shown on when logged in)?

Thanks again.

I agree that this would be very useful.

My use case is to enable users to login to my website with a Blizzard account. At the moment, they’ll lack an avatar, and would have to provide one manually. With other platforms like Discord and Steam, their existing avatar can be easily retrieved on their behalf.

Hello, I’m the creator of, a World of Warcraft website. I would also like to have the account avatar that is set in the app.