Inaccurate instructions on quest and other functions

the map pin function which is used often in korthia,if you do it word by word when you are on the map menu , it does not work , no where does it say you have to manually open chat for it to work. when i pointed this out to players in korthia because it would not work as stated i was called illiterate, ignorant, etc (keep in mind i was around when dos 2.0 was used and window 3.0 came out and i had the first PC 4.77 mhz processor, so im very well versed in the computer culture) for not knowing you had to open chat your self, the way the map pin location function is worded it infers it puts the location in chat automatically.

another issue the first day the FP was added to korthia for travel to south island, nothing was announced, the npc looked normal nothing to indicate it was useful, and when players didnt know how to get to the island that day because they never saw the unmarked fp , they were insulted as well.

there is quest in ardenweald, if you fly into it you dont get butterfly buff , however if you walk into it you get it, again poor setup.

the initial legendary gear setup quest instructions by the jailer are just horrible.

im not sure who proofreads blizzards quest instructions, adding features and not telling anyone about it, etc.

they need some serious improvement.

i played from 2006-2011 and just recently came back to this mess of unusable quest info, so to those wow fan bois who insult players for not knowing the mysterious secret guide to quests or functions, please remember most of us do read and write english very well,vague or misleading info is not our fault, we didnt program this game.

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If the instructions in game are not clear and you are not comfortable asking in-game, the advice is to go to a third party site such as Wowhead that has a collection of comments on each quest and item. It explains the details for anyone who is not familiar.

Blizzard themselves does not allow Support to give game hints.

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this the exact issue,standard replies to useless quest info,you made my point.
inserting things into gameplay and not telling anyoone about it is not giving hints.

FYI that menu link in previous text is not available in menus, otherwise i would have put this post there.