Improvement of unit skills

Hello everyone,

I would like to present a topic that is important to me for the game. It would be an improvement if the abilities of the same units did not disappear when more than one is selected. For example, if I have selected more than one wizard in the same group, why shouldn’t I be able to cast the blizzard spell? Same thing for the ogres bloodlust spell, it would be an innovation of troop control. I do not deny that I am currently struggling to be competitive with the most skilled players due to this lack. Imagine what it means to have selected 9 paladins and use their abilities without having to select one unit at a time. Hope this post can help for the future!


yeah showing unit skills not forcing the alt-ctrl group would be nice!

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Yes, I completely agree here. Alt-ctrl trick is not optimal for multicasting. In fact it would be nice to implement StarCraft 2 multi-casting system, where we can choose the landing of each storm (in our case blizzard) to its specific location. Same thing with haste or slow. Let say I have 4 mages selected then I can use slow four times on four units. These will allow me to slow ogre mages much faster than by clicking on each mage individually.


That actually would be so sick Niko! :star_struck:

And for the heal it could work like exorcism in that it would heal low hp units in an area instead of being a one unit click since we can’t really check the HP of units in a timely manner it would also help making it more comfortable for new players without denaturing the idea/nostalgia and look of the spell too much!

Also skills ‘area blueprints’ for spells that have an area effect like coil or blizzard would be great for new players and an option to host maps pre-explored so new players have a better chance against us total nerds <3