Impossible to pay for a gift and pricing policy problem

Good day to all.

I have already contacted Tech. Support and they told me to state my problem here.

In general, I can’t make a payment for a gift (Cod Points to my friend) in a store, I used to think that the problem was in the currency, namely in rubles (RUB), but apparently everything is much more serious. But with the advent of the hryvnia (UAH), I still can’t make a payment. Moreover, after the change of prices from rubles (RUB) to hryvnias (UAH), the prices now do not correspond even more to the financial possibilities of the inhabitants of the region, moreover, the prices have become even more expensive than in the European Union. When prices were in rubles (RUB), they were significantly cheaper in euro equivalent than now.

Let’s say the game СOD: Black Ops Cold War had cost 2800 RUB, which was 1230 UAH or 40 EURO, now the price is 2000 UAH, which is equal to 64 (!) EURO or 4550 RUB. For example, this game in europe cost only 60 EURO and this price still higher, than it was before, but lower than now. I think it’s some kind of misunderstanding.

I was ready to buy a new part of COD, even with the war and economic difficulties, so I started saving money in advance, but with such prices, it becomes impossible at all.

And why are prices lower for a country that unleashes a war for no reason than for those who suffered from their aggression (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, etc)?