I'm getting timeouts on prod. while it works on local


we have an event planner for our Guild hooked up to the api for several reasons. However, since yesterday the server is unable to connect to blizzards api, even blizzard[.]com returns a timeout. We didn’t change anything, does anyone know what may cause this issue?

I have a feel that the ip has been blocked or something? But why would it be blocked, makes no sense. They would probably just remove access to the api.

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Hello Smythu,

I’m glad to read your message, I thought I was the only one in this situation! I haven’t changed anything on my end either. I am experiencing the same issue. I opened a topic and provided details (with traceroute) in the hope that it will help resolve the issue !

It currently is a mess. For the people that didn’t follow the thread:

Blizzard blocked whole providers like OVH, Hetzner and so on to mitigate DDoS attacks and now ignore the fact that there are a bunch of apps using the API basically are dead.

Unfortunately DDoS mitigation efforts will be a nuisance from time to time to ensure platform stability to serve our players. Are any of you still seeing impacts to your providers?

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