If you're going to support Ukraine on your launcher

… at least give us the option to support Russia instead.

Let people choose if they want to support a corrupt money laundering puppet government of the corrupt US or the enemies of said corruption.


VLAD! I didn’t know you played Blizzard games. How’s the war going? How many taste testers have died testing your food. I’m pretty sure that bunker is getting stale air in there now.


Blizzard you falling down on my Ranking to Zero, by supporting a puppet government who kill People since 2014 in the Donbas Aria… Now you have a Outcome and Anybody knows it!

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So folks have a problem raising money for people in need of medical supplies and food? Now we cannot even help those in need without it becoming a political divide. What sad times we find ourselves in.


Your KGB badge is showing.

they just want a high ESG score.

Shut tfu russian scum. Go play russian games if something’s wrong to you.

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My question is why don’t they try and raise money to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the Country they are based in, rather than choosing to pick those which are part of all the political manipulations?

We have people who are not getting the medical treatments they need on many levels, even when they have “free medical insurance” from the Government. We have children who are not getting enough food, whole families that are homeless, child trafficking, Veteran suicide, dozens of under-diagnosed/treated mental health issues, etc. Why not pick any one of the many issues in their home Country to make a difference for?

It’s because they are doing the same thing many other big companies do. They are playing social politics with the world as a whole, in a gambit to get a broader recognition as a “good guy” among all those “heartless corporations”.

Personally, I don’t care who the other Country is or what the sob story is; I won’t support any if the fundraisers. I take this stand on the premise that if you aren’t taking care of the problems at home, then you have no business in the problems outside your home.