If u wanna spend is ok, but dont say is not pay2win

U say is pay to fast, is not, u would never, catch up players that spend money in this game. The gems improvement could take months, and this wales get it on a couple of days. If u wanna spend in the game is ok, but dont say is free to play, the reason i came, and even bought the batlepass,¿for what? to be a hobo in sanctuary unable by far to compete with the wales. Tell it how it is.


To make f2p players happy they nerfed legendaries drop:) now you can farm mobs just for fun :slight_smile:

no, i finish with that casino for under age gamblers

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This is not to make F2P happy as you can still spend and progress.
This is only gating F2P players so they are feeling the need to pay to progress.
This “game” is a disguised Casino and a shame for Blizzard and Diablo franchise.

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Forget Blizzard! I used to have mad respect for the company, I’ve played their games since like early 90’s. Diablo + Hellfire, war craft, and star craft were the 1st three i played on my 1st pc. The games were creative fun competitive you know, made with player’s enjoyment in mind. Then the b.s. with 1st buying the brand new game at around $60 and buy like a server time card to be able to play, which wasn’t worth investing in.
And now they’re doing what all mobile game producers and that’s, “It’s f2p”, yeah you can play for free but for the rich ppl out there spend money and actually enjoy playing and topping leaderboards fir those prizes as well. I was in awe at how quickly legendary/set gear was attained, made me think okay well that somewhat makes it worth while for f2p at least the power gap between the elite and us peasants won’t be too outragious, hell if ya lucky ya may actually have a chance in pvp.

And then they take it away trying to force those that are still willing to give the game a chance despite the miss leading claim that DI will be f2p a long with all the bad feedback from fans about the Company in general and how they’re pretty much soulless criminals. Good going Blizzard you’re losing a nearly life long customer/fan. If y’all hadn’t been so misleading and making us wait 4 yrs for this immoral abuse. Smh

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I absolutely love the games that blizzard has come out with. easily spent thousands of hours and $$$ gaming solely on blizzard games. Every single one of them has been a very well polished gem. however this diablo immortal is garbage. Absolute trash and a disgrace to the gaming community. I genuinely feel insulted by this pay 2 win suuuuuuuper grindy hunk of junk money grab of a game. I deeply regret the 60$ and time ive wasted on this troll of a game. y y\

20-ish years been a huge blizzard fans. good business ethic, piss off your loyal fans. thanks for the epic fails blizzard.

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Playing games is good, spending money on them is bad. It can turn into addiction