I think battle net is broken it changed my email

So i got an email that says Battle.net recently received a request to change the email address used to log in to the Battle.net account and now i cant log into my account to play games anymore i made so many tickets on multiple email about my account and no one reply. am i ban?

I think your account got hacked…

Recently, a player on Europe waited 4 days for an answer from Support on an account related issue… I imagine the time here will be about the same… you will need to be patient.

the ticket thing is typical they usually mark mine resolved without resolving anything the email thing is a new one for me but it has been asking me for my birthday a lot and I usually have a lot of other things happening to my account and I am glad you haven’t written about any of those. good luck they might get around to it

it probably just an AI it seemed to me as these replies come back that the writing in them seems sus sometimes its like they are from someone who never read the support ticket

Stop that… Blizzard uses pre-approved, template responses. The responses might seem impersonal but Blizzard GMs just don’t have time to composed a different response for every ticket.

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Im thai will it have any different? Or my ticket just go to US support

Good question – I don’t know.

There is a Thai version of the Support article I linked above: การสนับสนุนของ Blizzard - บัญชีถูกแฮ็ก , including a link to start a ticket in Thai… so I suspect SouthEast Asia is included in the US Region.

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Of course, they will write their messages based on a template, it’s a job not an open forum to discuss on an impersonal slang

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