I need private contact with a battle net developer

I want to ask certain things that i cannot speak on the forum, how can i reach a battle.net developer ?

I guess your best option is through the customer support service. Select the option Account, App, & Shop, explain your all your needs and they’ll likely redirect you to the proper channel.


Hi Nightshades,

If you cannot say exactly what you’re trying to say on these forums, can you give us an idea of what you want to speak about, so we can better direct you?

I have been searching all morning for some way to contact someone about an idea. I believe its very good. I too would like a few mins of yours or someones time to submit my idea, but would like for its to not be public… (as for, I believe its good enough, I don’t want my idea stolen) I don’t know how this works…there’s no way to really contact someone there privately. I considered a lawyer, so I don’t get my idea stolen and can present this to you on legal terms, but I have been a customer and loyal subscriber to World of Warcraft for 7yrs. So I’m hoping one of you lovely Devs will spare 5min. Thx, hope to hear from you! ~Kat

Blizzard does not accept unsolicited game ideas. https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/legal/c1ae32ac-7ff9-4ac3-a03b-fc04b8697010/blizzard-legal-faq#1615394546

If you want to see it happen, you should share it with everyone. If you want to get compensation for your idea, you should first get hired.