I hope the staff can answer, about mobile programs

Hi there :

I’m trying to restore my Auth*enticator on my new phone, after I put in the serial number and restore code I’m always getting this message:

An unexpected err
or occured.
Please try again later,

I double checked everything, it’s the same steps I do everytime i replace my phone.And I confirm that the serial number and restore code I entered are correct

I can’t even move on to the new Battle.net app / Authen*ticator because it asks me for an Auth. I haven’t used my previous

phone number for a long time

EDIT: I just tried using 2 different phones too, same error.

If someone doesn’t understand, let me give an example: I have been using an old Authenticator for a long time, and I haven’t used my previous phone number for a long time. I don’t care about that phone number because I have a validator, and I know it has already been transferred. When I try to log in to the new Battle.net app, it requires me to enter the validator code, but I cannot use the validator, so I cannot log in.

Please don’t tell me to contact customer service support, as many people have encountered this issue, which is caused by the old authentication device stopping service. Many people also give up using their phone numbers and use identity validators for a long time. Do they also have to contact customer service support?

I would like to say that the old authenticator can be restored to use by restoring the code, and then logged in using the code. But what about the new mobile app? In the new program, only the place to add an authenticator can also see the serial number and restore code.
However, has anyone noticed the new app. No serial number or restore code was used to restore the position or button of the validator. So what is the purpose of the serial number and restore code of this validator? I hope to restore their original function, otherwise many people will not be able to log in to their accounts.

Let me finally assume a scenario where if you are someone who has been using an identity verifier for a long time and you trust your verifier, your previous phone number has been discontinued and you have now switched to a new phone, or your previous verifier app has been deleted by you, but you have a backup of your serial number and restore code. When you want to log in to your account, you will be prompted to enter the validator code. What should you do?

In the past, the serial number and recovery code in the validator would remind us to save them correctly when saving them because they are important and can be used for recovery. But now, where are their functions

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That’s very good! Very correct! The old validator device was quietly deactivated like this! Can’t use the serial number and restore code for recovery or transfer to a new app! There is no entry for filling in the serial number on the new app! It’s ridiculous that the serial number interface on the new app says: You can use this code to restore the validator! And there was no entry filled in

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Let’s see what the staff will say.

I have tried submitting forms to ask the staff, and they always ask me for my account information without solving the problem, but in the end they tell me that they cannot solve the problem with the validator, which is not within their scope of work. I asked them to try the mobile app, but they told me they didn’t try it.

The following is the final response from customer service, which they said to me:

Sadly this is not something the Support team can look into

I am looking forward to the customer service on the forum telling us how to do it
How to Restore Authenticator Code