I Got No Invoice?

So I bought Diablo 4 on Battle.net last month. But I didn’t receive any invoice. I sent Blizzard a ticket asking for an invoice but got no reply to that either. It is a very expensive game and I need an invoice. How can I get one? Don’t they have to send it automatically, without making me struggle?

Hey tongucci,

Invoices are sent to the registered email address on the account. If you don’t see/receive it, check your spam/junk/deleted folders and any filters you might have.

As for the ticket, there are two things to know. First is proper submission. Make sure you make it to the end of the submission process where you are given a ticket number. Second is time. There are typically wait times with tickets which increase around the time of the launch of new content.

You can also go to your transaction history in your account management to view your purchases. Clicking on the order number will open a detailed page about the purchase.