I don't pay thousands for all these games to sit in a queue!

Are you actually serious right now??

How can you tell customers who have spent thousands on your games that they cannot play when they want to because they must stand is some queue???

I’m genuinely flabbergast by this. Literally the single most important thing you should spend money on is keeping your games functional! It is critical! How can you accept this ineptitude as a feature???



I have waited 35 minutes while queue timer shows 20 minutes, and after that - queue timer is bigger and bigger… Now its 20178 minutes. GG WP.

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Lol i must wait 86317minutes in queue

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Oh sweet summer kids, mine is 121474 minutes now, and INCREASING!
Amazing, cannot play the games I paid for after a tough day.
Anyhow, only 79 days to go and I will be in.


just bring cod back to steam
just not blizzard
always another issue
cant afford normal servers while making tons of cash
while ps4 and xbox players play like nothing happened

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it said 29 mins for me, then when it should of been time for me to join ( 29 mins ended ) I then went to say wait another 180 mins, love using my WOW game time efficiently.

Do we have to spend money for the queue as well?


This is unbelievable. This game is expensive enough to be expected to function, at least. I would buy Overwatch, but this kind of ABNORMAL problem encourages me never to use Blizzard products again.

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500mins to log in. I’ll get in to play an offline game after my day of work but I’ll get in tomorrow.

я сам не доволен совершенно, проплатил предзаказ, облачено игровое время а меня выкидывает не только с игры но и с батлнета с условиями якобы мы вас отключили что бы другие могли зайди.!!! невыносимо такое читать!! я оплачиваю для того что бы меня выкидывало с игры…

I can’t even get into a queue right now. I log in, hit play and it takes me to realm selection as if I don’t have 20+ toons already sitting on servers out there. Blizz, you hear this every xpac…figure it out, why do you let your user base get so damn frustrated each new release. It’s become a joke.

ya like to play the game i pay for… fix it

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imagine choosing a high/full population server and then moaning like a child when you have to wait in que for a spot in said server when a HUGE patch was just introduced, there are gonna be bugs and wait times as a lot of people are returning to check out the changes and such before SL is fully released, stop your complaining jesus

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hot damn go outside and take a breather.

I understand the frustration but this is juvenile and silly, and unproductive at best.

The most annoying thing is that after completing the waiting in que you got disconnected, it’s a shame

Guyyys please relax! Activision Blizzard only experienced a record-breaking quarter for Q2 2020 as it generated net revenue of $1.9 billion across all subsidiaries. Last year was ONLY $6.5 billion dollars. So please be patient. They are trying their best. /sarcasm

I was playing board game called chess and had to wait ten minutes for the person to make a decision seriously, but if your playing against yourself I wonder how long the wait time will be :european_castle::face_with_monocle: