I can't submit a ticket

Hi, I’m trying to submit an appeal, but every ticket I’m getting back is instantly marked “resolved” and I get a message saying " Game Master

There was an error while processing your request. Please submit a ticket to get help from one of our Game Masters."
I did a few of these not realizing it was doing anything, but they were all coming back the same.
I was suspended for “Inappropriate language” from overwatch even though I don’t deserve it. I only talk in chat if someone is speaking mean to me, and I try to be nice about it. I believe it was spam reported by people for the character I play. It’s not fair that I can get banned by some bot because the people I play with are toxic, and that I can’t talk to anyone on here about it. If I can get banned for 2 weeks on a game I payed for, because I ended up in a game with the wrong people I should ATLEAST be able to talk to someone about it.

You did pay for it, and agreed to abide by the rules, which are pretty family friendly for chat/names. Others did as well - and if you are causing others not to enjoy the game by breaking rules, Blizz will enforce the guidelines and Silence, Suspend, or Ban accounts.

They have a log of all chat and reports so can use that for reference when you appeal.

Blizzard has never engaged in live chats back and forth over suspensions or bans. The only way to appeal is to put in a ticket, as you said.

If your browser is blocking ticket submission for some reason, you may want to try turning off certain security or blocker programs that might interfere, or use a different browser.

Thanks, I’ve tried using my phone, and three different browsers on my computer… and I don’t have any blockers on any of them… yet on everything I try, I keep getting the message.