I cant reach old website and tracking pre-order stuff

Hey ,I contacted staff via email for a few days and the conversation lead to nowhere.

I pre-order Lucio statue since April or May and you guys said it will be delivery around 09/2019 but now it’s nearly end 10/2019

here’s my order ID ORDER #103142339

that i could caption only this in time because now i couldnt reach that old blizzgear page and ID anymore…
i just need to know

  1. If this is not shipped yet WHY ?
  2. If is already shipped WHERE IS IT ?
  3. If things already delayed WHY NO ONE TELL CUSTOMER ??
    I tried to contact support via email just simply question above and i dont have any answer from your team and they just give me a link that lead to https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/


I looking forward for the answer . Thanks

Try this https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/services/334/798/solution

I’m having the same issue regarding an order on the EU store before the awful switch to Fanatics.

Hearthbrew’s link only takes people to the US store and previous orders.

This link takes people to the EU store:


However, when I log in my order history has been wiped: “No orders have been placed yet.”

So my pre-paid pre-order for the Mei statue back in August has simply vanished during the switch to a Fanatics run site (along with payment).

Customer service are shockingly bad and absolutely no help whatsoever. They take about a week to reply and just keep pasting the same above link. I’ve sent them a screengrab of the order confirmation email and a screengrab of the empty store order history page. Both ignored.


After nearly a month of trying to locate my order, I gave up and raised a dispute through Paypal.