I cannot download battle.net Application BLZBNTBTS0000005C

after multiple download on my Mac, I still cannot open it nor download the start-up application I was wondering what I should do

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I am having the same issue. BLZBNTBTS0000005C. Followed all the online directions and the issue remains. I even attempted on a different user account on the Mac to attempt install. the install always pauses on the update app

I uninstalled for the same reason, wasn’t able to update WoW because of so I uninstalled and thought to restart however I can’t even open the setup launcher lmao

Having the same issue.

I tried to log in as usual this morning but was meet with this “We couldn’t verify the digital signature of your Battle.net Agent”
I have tried following all the recommended steps but nothing works.
Tried to uninstall and reinstall but now I don’t get permission to dl battlenet or wow launcher.
Can someone please guide us through?

Blizzard fix this. This is ridiculous!

Having the same issue on my Mac mini. Have tried all the recommended steps to no avail. Nothing has worked since the big patch 11 Jul 2023. Have tried rebooting, restarting, deleting and re-installing. Battle.net update agent always stops and gives me the above error message. Have not found Battle.net Tools. None of my friends is having a problem on their various Macs. Mine is the only Mac mini.

I was struggling with this same exact issue all day today but I managed to solve it, My laptop is an M1 Mac book air 8gb. Initially the issue was appearing when just launching battle.net and the update agent wasn’t running or was trying to be woke up, So I naturally tried to reinstall battle.net but then it was failing to reinstall as well.

The problem was resolved for me by deleting the Battle.net folder under /users/Shared

  • navigate to finder
  • in the top left click go and then go to folder
  • type /Users/Shared and hit return
  • Move the Battle.net folder to the trash and empty it from the trash can
  • Run the battle.net setup file

Hopefully this works for you like it did for me.


Worked for me, thx a lot! <3

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This worked for me too! Instantly and quickly installed the Battle.net App…Thanks for posting this!

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Perfect fix - that should have been on top of Blizzards own suggestions

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