I cannot connect to battlenet

Hello I have a problem i bought Diablo 2 LOD and I cannot connect to battlenet i have tried to do everything on the forum but nothing worked

Having a similar issue myself. Just reloaded D2 LOD from my battle.net account to my PC. Game runs fine in SP but when I try to connect to a serve to play on line I get “unable to connect” “check your modem and internet provider”. I tried the recommendations posted in tech support, patching to 1.14d, resetting router and monitor etc…Nothing resolved the issue. I have an account with geek squad and asked them to help. They logged in to my PC remotely and tried to fix the problem. They attempted some of the previous recommendations from the tech support with no joy. Geek squad recommended I contact tech support at blizzard due to the fact that they could not find any reason that my system had an issue related to my ability to connect. So I tried to submit a ticket. the submit field was greyed out. I tried to complete the fields by providing a windows version file and a tracer.txt file. However I kept getting “failure wrong file type” Posting this info here hoping it might help me or others with similar issues as it is apparent blizzard has no interest in supporting their classic games. additionally, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Diablo IV. with this kind of support, I am seriously considering not purchasing any more products from blizzard