I cannot connect to battle.net Diablo 2

I keep getting an this message every time i click on battle.net " disconnected from battle.net. please reconnect" this started last night when i was having internet issues. I have xfinity and they provide all customers with an xfinitywifi hope spot. i connected to this hot spot so that i could still play while my internet was fixed. ive not been able to log back into diablo 2 since then even though im on my normal internet now.

Currently there’s a lot of this going on. CDKeys being in use, battle.net not responding, etc. There’s something up on their end.

Your internet issues, was it your whole internet? or just d2?

if it was your whole internet and not just D2, when you used their hotspot, were you able to connect? If not it’s possible the hotspot you used to connect might of earned you a 2 week suspension depending on the source of the hotspot. If it’s not residential internet they don’t allow that. Nor do they allow VPN.

But it’s a good possibility you’re having a similar issue as many others right now.

it was my whole internet, everyone in the house lost connection. i dont think the hotspot is considered residential but i dont know. is there a way to check if im temp banned?

They would have to tell you that. Otherwise if you have another CDKey, maybe try another residential connection with a different CDKey. If it lets you connect, try with your normal CDKey. If you can connect with the one and not the other, there’s a restriction on the one. When you find that out don’t try the other CDKey on that same connection though as it likely will too have a 2 week suspension as a result…

okay i will try that, nothing has said that ive been temp banned so im just hoping its connection issues. thanks for the information mate.

PK I am having the same issues, I was playing fine yesterday and this morning. After work, I get home and find I cannot connect getting the same message you are. I tried reinstalling with a different set of keys, tried different wifi, tried another computer, nothing… It logically doesn’t make sense I changed all the variables and I’m still getting the same result.

same here ,
though i might have connected while connected to nordvpn while i was downloading something.
How is that worth a 2 week suspension?

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i’'m having the same issue… forgot to turn of VPN before connecting. Bots everywhere, but I get a ban