I already have Warcraft II on GOG. Can I still play online?

I have Warcraft II on GOG and wanted to play online now that this game is out on battle.net but I get this message:

“Your Internet connection is either very poor or is not processing UDP packets through port 6112. You will be able to chat but will not be able to play games. Contact your Internet service provider or your system administrator for assistance with opening this port.”

The rooms looks empty, and no one is talking.


I get an error saying there’s a new update that I need to download from battle.net… but I own it on GOG, and GOG doesn’t have a new update available

The GoG version of the games are not compatible with the modern Battlenet Platform. You would need to purchase the Battlenet version of the game to play on Bnet.

That is the current information Blizzard has provided.

Hey nonName,

Just to clarify, this is a generic discussion forum. No Tech Support Agents man this forum.

For those having technical issues with Warcraft 1 or 2, you’ll want to either

  1. Post in the Legacy Games Technical Support forum, or
  2. Submit a Technical Support Ticket for 1-on-1 assistance.

For Battlenet connectivity issues with WC2BNE see this support article.

Note: Only the classic mode of GoG’s WC2BNE can be played on Battlenet. The enhanced mode is LAN only.

War2 needs port forwarding setup on port 6112 UDP for your computer. Each router is different on how to do this.
FYI - upon login, check your Channel in War2 IRC lobby. It seems to put you in a random channel #. I tend to go to the ‘Classic Games’ channel. Streamer Trogallart and community hang out in channel ‘Op Trogallart’ on the weekends for EU.

It may cut down on unnecessary repeated steps by forwarding all the indicated ports across both protocols all at once.

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Diablo 1’s requirements doesn’t list an internet connection either. However, it does have multiplayer on Battlenet.

Just like D1, WC2’s multiplayer on Battlenet is not disabled.

People have been able to connect to Battlenet with WC2, including me:

No, that is Battlenet. GoG and Bliz’s WC2 connect to the same Battlenet: Blizzard’s Battlenet. If you want the individual gateways, you’ll have to use the old CD install. But be warned, that will split the playerbase up which will result in very few players to play with. That’s why the “Global” gateway was created for the modern version.

Is it the same battlenet on both gog and bnet? will both of gog and bnet players be able to play together?

Yep. GoG’s classic version connects to the same Battlenet as Bliz’s version.


the war2bne from the blizz laucnher is exactly the same game/server as gog version for those that asked, confirmed.

we been dealing with split player bases for decades now. but thats why you gave me one month ban and deleted my posts. suggesting the largest base with the most support and updates. i mean gog/blizz shoulda just contracted war2 out to be done well. but we dont talk about gateways and warcraft2 beyound v2.02 anymore do we =]

i had an issue that made port 6112 not an option for me. perhaps its happening here aswell (which would be a fatal flaw for the gog/blizz server) when guys forward and open the port and still have issue. the only change to my system between playing and being unable to play was installing warcraft 3 reforged. also others i have run into on the server cant join each others games. (the ol latency issue)which was the closed 6112 port)
the solve to my issue is impossible for the blizz/gog servers. so if its the same case i feel bad for ya
perhaps something is going on that cannot be solved by simple port forward etc…

these arent even actual blizz employees these mvp tech supports from what im told.
we dont even know if a single employee is tasked with working on the game.
looking at old gog forum posts it even seemed some of the updates were limited as if they didnt have proper employee support.

ill be back, im lookign into these issues with people smarter and more experienced.
gl hf
dont ban me again bro, im not advertising!@ =]

btw you can make support ticket, they always respond (actual tech ppl)

Check out this thread. It has some updated test info regarding port forwarding and muted issue in bnet lobby. As well as previously owned war2bne.