Hunter Pet Stables

Hunter Pet Stables NEEDS to be put back to the way it was. This new nonsense is NOT cool in any way. I had my pets saved and sorted on specific pages. There is no reason to subject me to this new nightmare. If some people like it, great. Let them use it. Allow those of us who prefer the old stables to toggle back to that. This change is seriously so awful to me that I want to log out and not bother anymore. I’ve had to deal with this in the professions and those are bad enough. But this, this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE THINGS YOU HOLD SACRED, restore the old hunter stables. It really is that big of a deal.

And if this is not the right place to post this, someone please tell me. I cannot find a forum for World of Warcraft feedback. And it’s imperative that the right people see this because I really am not going to continue playing a game where I hate most changes that have been made. not to mention the quality of mounts, clothes and pets has completely gone downhill. It’s like the team responsible for those is a bunch of blind people. I just cannot take it anymore.

I agree with you Nightgypsy, however, I see both good and bad with this move. If someone is just going around questing and not doing many raids or dungeons, they may not like the appearance of the stable. If one does more Raids/Dungeons it can be quite useful in a pinch if you need to change out your pet quickly. I like the categorization of the pets spec, the ability to see the pets picture larger,( I have vision issues so this helps me), and I do think making a pet active via a button could be a good choice. I too had my pets as I wanted them in the stable, so I understand 100% what you mean there. I would have liked to have known beforehand about this change, and I would think it wouldn’t be too hard to have a button to change or cycle from the new to the old. That would have worked better than having 20-year-old(Time in WOW) players have to just accept a change they thought was beneficial for all.

If you find things you like about it and help you that is awesome. For me, it makes it way more difficult going through all my pets. And I am by no means maxxed out like some people may be. But I could easily scroll to the page I knew I had certain pets on, quickly scan and see which one I wanted and drag it out. In their new design, there is only so many visible at once on the left hand side and have to scroll through them. That is inefficient and a complete waste of time considering how easily I could do it before.

This is definitely not the right place to post this.

This forum, as its name implies, is for feedback on the Support system… forums, the KnoweledgeBase articles, the ease of navigating the various support articles and the ticket system, etc…

For feedback on a specific game, you need to use the forums for that game.

Also, if you google “WoW forums”, the first link should be the World of Warcraft forums… or, at least, it is on my system.