Hunter Pet disappears randomly from UI

I’m used to my pet disappearing when I zone into a mythic, or when I use the portal from Oribos to the Maw. That’s not the issue.

While I am playing, I see the pet icon/UI underneath my character which shows the pet’s health. At random moments, usually after I’ve entered into combat, the icon/nameplate UI disappears off my screen. I have to logout to the character selection screen to get it to come back. A simple reload does not work. This happens 2-3 times during my game sessions. My pet is still out and attacking. I just can’t monitor it’s health. It can be very difficult to find my pet in the huddle during a boss fight.

I had reported this bug in another thread maybe 2 weeks ago. However, with the refresh of the support site and the new terms of agreement, all my previous history is gone and none of the bugs I reported recently can be found. The new classification system doesn’t provide enough granularity and the headings are confusing.